Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning is an advanced cleaning process to preserve the noble metals of the DPF and remove PM10, oil and cerium residuals without damaging the filter.

It ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF and test backpressure before and after the cleaning cycle.
We are use this new technology which avoid cutting, oven-backing or welding phases common in other cleaning methods.

Other cleaning methods:

HEAT: DPF is cutted in pieces, put in oven up to 700° C and then welded with a high risk of damaging the integrity of the filter.

ULTRASONIC: DPF dipped in high temperature water tank, ultrasonic generates micro-bubbles and combined with high-pressure try to eliminate carbon residuals with an high risk of damaging the filter for vibrations generated.

ADDITIVES: Put together with the fuel in order to melt the burning residuals inside the engine and to eliminate them through the exhaust pipe. Dangerous method because residuals are not actually eliminated going to block further the particulate filter.

Note: Other Methods not completely safe for modern DPF filters and may damage irreversibly the filter.

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