Do I need to change my windscreen?

Like all components used to strengthen something, when they have a fault in them, they will not perform as they are designed to do and could result in catastrophic failure when you need it the most. A windscreen is no different.

Here are some examples of when you should replace your windscreen;

  • Impact or crater in the windscreen that is larger than the size of a $1 coin.
  • Any form of crack that is longer than 100mm and extends across the windscreen.
  • Any noticeable defects that can obstruct or impedes the vision of the driver like wiper scratches or pits/divots in the windscreen that when light hits them it causes a haze.

How is a windscreen replaced?

  1. The new windscreen is cleaned, inspected for faults and prepared with primers and set aside until the installation.
  2. The technician will now remove the wipers, cowling, trims and rubber mouldings from around the windscreen to expose the edges of the windscreen ready for removal.
  3. Using specialized tooling, the glass is removed, the old adhesive is trimmed back to under 2mm and cleaned with a formulated cleaner so that the bonding area is ready to accept the new adhesive. The rear-view mirror, toll tags and any other accessories are removed and put back on the new windscreen.
  4. The new polyurethane is now applied on the edges of the new windscreen, ensuring that the correct amount of adessive is applied evenly.
  5. The replacement windscreen is now installed using a lifting device to ensure the adhesive is placed in the exact position to maximise the adhesion bond of the windscreen to the vehicle.
  6. All removed components are checked and then re-installed back to vehicle.
  7. The windscreen and the working area are now cleaned and then the vehicle is ready for handover back to the client. During the handover, the technician will inform the client when it is safe to drive the vehicle again.

At Highpoint Mufflers & Service Center, we only use OEM approved adhesives and primers and best practice processes to ensure that all windscreens installations we preform are in line with manufacture’s standards for the safety of our clients and their passengers.

When you choose Highpoint Mufflers & Service Center, you will be choosing a certified technician with experience in windscreen replacement. We correctly install your windscreen to your car or truck and ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

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